About Us

A Global High Magnetic Field Forum (High Field Forum, or HiFF) was founded in 2014 by the leadership of high magnetic field laboratories in China, France, Germany, Japan, The Netherlands and the United States. Together, these laboratories represent the increasingly international nature of research using the highest magnetic fields available worldwide.

This new collaboration seeks to:

  • Bring together world expertise on the operation of facilities dedicated to the generation of the highest magnetic fields for scientific research

  • Expand the knowledge base for technologies needed to generate such magnetic fields

  • Stimulate worldwide activities promoting scientific research and technology development using the highest magnetic fields

HiFF will be presided over by a chair elected from among the members by the members for a two year term. The chair’s term is renewable. The other continental delegations will select vice chairs from among their members. The chair together with the vice chairs will form the HiFF steering committee. The steering committee convenes the meetings and determines their agenda.

The next generation of high-field magnets, already called for by the international research community and reports from prestigious research panels, will require substantial advances in our present state-of- the-art, advances best achieved by a global commitment to communication, coordination, and collaboration among the leaders of the world’s high-magnetic- field facilities.