Our Mission

High magnetic field research is inherently multidisciplinary and spans physics, materials science, engineering, chemistry, biochemistry and biomedicine. The historic and still dominant application of high magnetic field research is in condensed matter physics, in which pioneering discoveries, including Nobel Prize winning discoveries, have resulted due the unique interaction of magnetic fields on the electronic and magnetic states of all forms of matter.

The Global High Field Forum (HiFF) was launched in November 2014 to unite the world’s high magnetic field laboratories to work together to:

  • Promote top-level science through the use of high magnetic fields

  • Facilitate access of external users to the facilities best suited to advance their science

  • Improve efficient operations of high magnetic field installations

  • Stimulate the development and dissemination of new experimental techniques utilizing high magnetic fields

  • Cooperate to advance magnet technologies, including the development of new materials specially designed for constructing improved high-field magnets

  • Promote the development of new high-field magnets and laboratories

  • Serve as a global representative of the high-magnetic- field research community and the laboratories that support their research.